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One2Flush Dual Flush Kit

With the Inexpensive – One2Flush Dual Flush Kit – You won’t have to buy a new toilet to start saving water!!!

This inexpensive kit does the work for you!
One2Flush Dual Flush Kit

Have you been thinking about buying a dual-flush toilet?

Why do you want to spend all that money on a new toilet when you will get the same results with the One2flush dual flush toilet kit.

For only $29.95 and about 30 minutes, you will be saving a lot of water….and money!  The One2flushTM dual flush conversion kit is the first  water conservation product that can help your family save thousands of gallons of water a year every time you flush your toilet.

For a detailed explanation of dual flush toilets and conversion kits visit dual flush toilets and kits

The award-winning One2flush’s secret is in its dual flush design. All you do is push the handle one way for liquid waste and the other way for solid waste, and the dual chambers will know how much or how little water to use for each flush.   For the average family, you will save an average of 30 gallons a day!
The One2flush….

- Will save you over 8,000 gallons of water every year.

- Will be able to fit almost any toilet on the market

-  Will make turn your toilet into a dual flush toilet at only 10% of the cost of buying a new dual flush toilet.  That saves you hundreds of dollars on every single toilet!

- Will save over $180.00 a year on your water costs.

- Will be easy to install!  Usually less than 30 minutes.

- Will last for YEARS!!

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Kevin H. After installing my first One2Flush unit in our master bathroom, I was so pleased that I bought two more units for our other two toilets. I had a plumber install them today who happened to be here for another job. Feel free to use my comments for promotion. I think this is a wonderful product that saves hundreds of dollars for water-conscious people considering changing out entire toilet bowl units. Living in San Diego, CA, where we have a water emergency, dealing with toilet water consumption was the last significant thing I could do to conserve. I feel great about doing this. Installation was easy, even for an inexperienced person like me. I’d highly recommend One2Flush for anyone who would like a cost-effective solution for conserving water related to toilet use.
K. Bennett – San Francisco, CA - A great product to save both water and money!, June 25, 2009
I was actually looking at a new toilet and was investigating the dual flush type so I could do my part to save water. The big worry for me was trying to figure the payback on one of those due to the high cost. After some further research on the net I found the One2flush and realized I didn’t need to buy the whole toilet!!!!!

So I purchased the One2flush on a Monday and it was here on Wednesday, very fast. The instructions were clear and they even have a video on the net on how to install, but I didn’t need it.

I have to say, the One2flush performs exactly as claimed and I’m now saving a ton of water!!! The best part is that I didn’t have to go out and buy a whole new toilet to do this!!!! Heck, I even kept my old toilet out of the landfill so this is good all the way around.

Thanks Being Water for bringing this to market, we’ll be proudly telling our guests about it when they ask to use our bathroom. Going to order two more to do the kids bathrooms next.
John – Didn’t realize I ordered kits that included the valves but gives me the opportunity to replace some 15 year old parts while I have the tank drained. Converted one last night – took a bit longer to get it adjusted than I thought it would – but I have to say it works and works well. More ‘fun with plumbing’ tonight and we’ll be saving water. Right now our eight year old refuses to use any other bathroom than the one I converted.
Dennis – I received the gasket you sent and it made the installation very easy and the valve works great.
Thanks very much
Sheryl - Thanks again! I will recommend your product whenever I can!
Ken –
Outstanding in all regards. Highly recommended. Will purchase from again if possible. Great product.

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