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Flexible Solar Panels – The Top Uses Of Flexible Solar Panels

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Flexible Solar Panels: Solar technology has found a lightweight and convenient alternative energy source for everyone from the average person to extreme adventurer. The newly engineered thin film technology offers flexible solar panels for today’s market. The thin film solar panels have engineered many types of products to be introduced to all consumers through solar backpacks, athletic apparel and jackets.

Flexible solar panels are powered by the sun using photovoltaic. Because of a push for alternative sources of energy exist, scientists and other professionals have found new ways of using this precious resource. The flexible solar panel is a low wattage and environmentally friendly solution. These flexible solar panels will charge up the batteries required to run your equipment. You can roll them up and store them conveniently.

3. Waterproof: When they were first developed, the stability of the solar panels were such that they had to be protected by a special casing which severely limited their capabilities. Now solar cells are being made with technology called thin-film, allowing more opportunities for use. You can conveniently bring a flexible solar panel on your boat and charge items like ipods etc.

4. Variety of Uses: A flexible and portable solar panel can be used in a variety of situations, such as to recharge batteries, charge your cell phone, iPods, etc. Flexible solar panels are now being manufactured inside backpacks and jackets. For the adventurer, this thin-film technology allows you to document your travels more efficiently then ever before. You no longer need to carry many heavy batteries.

These flexible solar panels are a great solution for campers or marine travelers where there isn’t the space for the traditional solar panel.

These flexible solar panels come in a wide range of sizes and wattage use. They are very lightweight and weigh less than 2 pounds. Below we have included a list of the top uses of flexible solar panels.

- To Recharge Different Types Of Batteries: Flexible solar panels can be used in a many situations, like recharging the battery on your boat. Flexible solar panels are now being made as backpacks and jackets. For many adventurers, this thin-film technology will allow them to document their travels more efficiently. There is no longer a need to carry many heavy batteries.

- To Power Radios and Laptops: Flexible solar panels allow you to plug them directly into a Battery with your power cord like you would into a power outlet in your home. This allows us to bring power to laptops, power tools, radios and even small tvs.

- To Power Walkie Talkies, Cell Phones and Ipods: Not long ago, solar panels had a great deal of limitations. They were big and very bulky. Now, because of the government and public awareness of finding better sources of energy, technology has moved forward offering better designs and smaller solar panels that would be easy to carry and store. Flexible solar panels will lie flat on the ground or on the roof of your vehicle or top of your boat to power walkie talkies, cell phones and Ipods. Flexible solar panels can be easily rolled up and put inside your boat, truck or even your backpack.

- To Power Equipment Practically Anywhere In The World: These flexible and rolled solar panels are made of solid material and are durable. There are no glass parts, so these flexible solar panels will not break. Because they are weather and temperature tolerant, they can be used almost anywhere. Even in the middle of the ocean. Many extreme kayakers used the thin-film technology to keep track of their travels. This thin film technology can be used by the average person in the same way. For campers or if you are just heading off to go enjoy the lake, you can take a flexible solar panel, roll it out, and power your equipment right on the spot.

solar gadgets

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