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Home Made Energy Review

Home Made Energy Review1This guide will help you build a solar panel. You are here because you someone who can see the benefit of using solar energy to bring power to your home and you want to save hundreds of dollars  in electricity by building your own solar panel.

You have come to the right place.   I too wanted to build a solar panel and save hundreds of dollars on my electric bill.    I found Home Made Energy, and bought it.   This review will show you what the Home Made Energy guide will do for your.  

I hope the information on this page and website will move you forward to building your own solar panels and get you started saving money and energy.   

Home Made Energy is a combination of video and written instruction on how to save thousand of dollars a year by building your own solar panels  and wind turbine for around $200.  There are worksheets, videos and a manual. 

The Good 

Very Informative!  The videos were phenominal! I learned so much about electricity, solar power components, and how much electricity we waste every day. Did you know that a 100 watt light bulb left on for 10 hours will cost you about 11 cents in electricity?   

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Very Easy To Understand and Follow -

In preparing this Home Made Energy Review, I found that watching the videos first is a must. There is no question that anyone who watches these 7 “how to” videos will know how to make their own solar panel.  Even my 13 year old would be able to make a solar panel watching these videos.  Ben, the person in the video, takes you step by step through making the solar panels.  He even makes a few mistakes on camera and you watch him fix those mistakes. I appreciate knowing that I can fix my mistakes and not have to throw everything away and start over.
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Great Worksheets on What System You Will Need

The worksheets give you a formula on what system you need by how much electricity you use. You will learn what kind of inverter, controller and batteries you will need. The fill in the blank worksheets make this easy!

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The Bad

Not Good For Building a Wind Turbine

In the 55 page guide, there are instructions on how to build a wind turbine. I didn’t follow the diagrams and instructions. I couldn’t figure out how the hub fits to the tower etc. These instructions are more of a reference guide in building the solar panel. You could not build a solar panel without the videos. With a few calls to support, I may be able to figure it out.

One solar panel will not save you thousands of dollars a year.  You will need to build several.  But you can build a solar panel for around $200 by using materials from the local hardware or Do it yourself warehouse store.

I absolutely loved the videos!  Ben literally takes you through each and every step in building a solar panel and then goes back over what he just did. You will not get lost! You will easily be able to build a solar panel with this guide. I am definately smarter for having watched these. Home Made Energy Guide is worth every penny

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Dual Flush Toilets and One2flush Kit

In this article, we will address frequently asked questions abouth the dual flush toilets and dual flush toilet conversion kits.

1.  What is a dual flush toilet and conversion kit?  Dual flush toilets, as the name states, allows the use of two different flush options:  One option for to flush liquid waste, and the other option to flush solid waste.  The liquid flush option uses far less water per flush than the solid waste does, leaving these dual flushing toilets very effective in using less water.  A dual flush toilet or using a convert kit like the one2flush like the one2flush dual flush kit will save a significant amount of water.  According to the EPA or the Environmental Protection Agency, the average household can save up to 4,000 gallons of water per year by changing over to a dual flush toilet system. That will reduce your water bill by hundreds of dollars annually.  Households are also helping to protect one of our most precious resources. 

Does the dual flushing toilet system really work?  Several studies show that by using the dual flushing toilets into our homes and businesses, we will save water by more than 67% than using the standard flushing toilets. 

Many countries that have struggled with water shortages and severe droughting have required dual flushing toilets to be installed.  This technology is only recently gaining popularity in the US and Canada.  Home owners and business owners in the US and Canada are feeling the hit of the struggling economy, and are turning to ways to save water and money. 

Have dual flush toilets been around for a while?  The dual flush toilet sytems was introduced to the market about 10 or so years ago.  It is growing rapidly now that households in the US are realizing the advantages of this dual flush technology.  

What is the cost of the dual flush toilets or conversion kits?  Many home and business owners are not looking to replace their toilets that  are in working order, so these households can buy a kit like the one2flush dual flush conversion kit for approximately $35.  This will take only a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon to install and you will be saving water and money in no time.  If you are ready to throw out the old toilet and purchase a new dual flush toilet, the new dual flushing toilet system can cost $250 for the economy dual flush toilet system.  If you want the more luxury toilet, the price will increase from there.         

What are the greatest benefits of having a dual flushing toilet system?  Dual flushing toilets can save the average american household approximately 4,000 gallons of water per year.  The same household will save hundreds of dollars a year on their water bill.  There rebates and other incentives available to encourage households and business owners to purchase dual flush toilet systems.  Dual flushing systems require less maintenance than the standard toilet system as well.  This is because dual flush toilets are less likely to cause clogging.

Is there disadvantages to getting a dual flush toilet?  The dual flush toilets can be expensive.  One dual flush toilet can cost about $250 and will go up in price when considering a more luxury model. 

Fortunately, you can purchase a dual flushing toilet conversion kit like the one2flush kit for only $35.  Add a couple of hours of installation and you will have your own dual flush toilet using your own standard toilet. 

Start saving money and water today. Check out the reviews and benefits of the one2flush dual flush conversion kit at one2flush dual flush kit.

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Solar Garden Lights – The Best Outdoor Solar Garden Lights

Solar Garden Lights – Lighting for Your Outdoor Spaces

Solar powered garden lights are a great solution for improving your home and garden.  These lights are an inexpensive and simple way to complete the look and feel of any outdoor space.  Other lighting sources require electricity to provide light to your yard and garden.  That will increase the cost of electricity and will also raise your electric bill.

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Online stores and retailers offer a wide range of solar garden lights for gardens and other outdoor lighting that can improve the look and feel of your walkway, garden, patio and deck. Using solar garden lighting will highlight the beauty of the outdoors. The best solar garden lights come in a wide variety of lighting like stainless steel solar garden lights and led solar garden lights.  If you want something a little more festive, try the bamboo torch lights or ground spot lights and lamp posts.

Outdoor Solar Garden Lights

With people all over the world seeing the benefits of the sun as a renewable source of energy, solar garden lights are becoming a popular idea among green and garden enthusiast in bringing light to their homes and gardens in an Eco friendly way.

Decorative Solar Garden Lights Click Here

If you are looking for an energy efficient way to make your front yard, backyard, garden, and patio more beautiful, choose solar garden lights. You can put them anywhere and everywhere. They are durable, safe, water resistant, and inexpensive.

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If you want to turn your yard and garden into a peaceful retreat, then check out these high quality solar garden lights in a wide range of sizes and styles.

solar lighting

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