Sunday, February 25, 2018

Halloween Trick Or Treat Reusable Bags

It’s New Halloween Trick or Treat Chico Bags! Lightweight, sturdy and easy to store, just in time for a green Halloween! This limited edition ChicoBag is perfect for trick-or-treaters.

ChicoBags are designed to be unforgettable. They effortlessly fit in your pocket or purse when they are stuffed into their integrated stuff pouch. The pouch has an attached carabineer to easily hook your ChicoBag to your key chain, backpack or belt loop. Our design encourages you to always have your ChicoBag on hand or pocket or purse… Click Image to Buy!
Chico Bag - Halloween Limited Edition

Cool Canvas Bags

BYOB Canvas Bag
When you are at the grocery store and the clerk asks you if you want paper or plastic….say “neither.”     Choose canvas bags instead.

Too much water and trees are wasted on paper bags and the land fills are loaded with plastic that is not bio degradable

Click on the bag to see details:

environmental tote bags

organic cotton tote

organic cotton tote

organic cotton tote

organic cotton tote

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