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Home Made Energy Review

Home Made Energy Review1This guide will help you build a solar panel. You are here because you someone who can see the benefit of using solar energy to bring power to your home and you want to save hundreds of dollars  in electricity by building your own solar panel.

You have come to the right place.   I too wanted to build a solar panel and save hundreds of dollars on my electric bill.    I found Home Made Energy, and bought it.   This review will show you what the Home Made Energy guide will do for your.  

I hope the information on this page and website will move you forward to building your own solar panels and get you started saving money and energy.   

Home Made Energy is a combination of video and written instruction on how to save thousand of dollars a year by building your own solar panels  and wind turbine for around $200.  There are worksheets, videos and a manual. 

The Good 

Very Informative!  The videos were phenominal! I learned so much about electricity, solar power components, and how much electricity we waste every day. Did you know that a 100 watt light bulb left on for 10 hours will cost you about 11 cents in electricity?   

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Very Easy To Understand and Follow -

In preparing this Home Made Energy Review, I found that watching the videos first is a must. There is no question that anyone who watches these 7 “how to” videos will know how to make their own solar panel.  Even my 13 year old would be able to make a solar panel watching these videos.  Ben, the person in the video, takes you step by step through making the solar panels.  He even makes a few mistakes on camera and you watch him fix those mistakes. I appreciate knowing that I can fix my mistakes and not have to throw everything away and start over.
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Great Worksheets on What System You Will Need

The worksheets give you a formula on what system you need by how much electricity you use. You will learn what kind of inverter, controller and batteries you will need. The fill in the blank worksheets make this easy!

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The Bad

Not Good For Building a Wind Turbine

In the 55 page guide, there are instructions on how to build a wind turbine. I didn’t follow the diagrams and instructions. I couldn’t figure out how the hub fits to the tower etc. These instructions are more of a reference guide in building the solar panel. You could not build a solar panel without the videos. With a few calls to support, I may be able to figure it out.

One solar panel will not save you thousands of dollars a year.  You will need to build several.  But you can build a solar panel for around $200 by using materials from the local hardware or Do it yourself warehouse store.

I absolutely loved the videos!  Ben literally takes you through each and every step in building a solar panel and then goes back over what he just did. You will not get lost! You will easily be able to build a solar panel with this guide. I am definately smarter for having watched these. Home Made Energy Guide is worth every penny

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Advantages of Solar Panels

Solar Panel Step By StepThere are many advantages of solar panels.  While our energy resources like fossil fuels are beginning to run low, the energy provided by the sun will be there well into the future. When fossil fuels are gone, they are gone.  The earth does not replenish these types of energy.   It is becoming more and more essential for us to find alternative sources of energy for our everyday use. 

One of the advantages of solar panels is that they can be used anywhere.  In many areas of the world there is no access to power or gas grids for electricity. It is costly and in some cases impossible to tap into those power and gas grids.  Solar panels will enable you to bring power where there isn’t any electricity available.   So whether you own a vacation home in the mountains or want to help people in remote villages in a third world country, you can bring power to where you are using the advantages of solar panels.  There are kits you can purchase where you can build them right on sight.

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Other advantages of solar panels include the little amount of modifications needed for your home.  Solar panels can be mounted on your roof top or placed in the yard.  You can purchase solar panel kits to effectively fit your needs.  You can build them to grow with your families’ energy use.  They don’t require any fuel to run them.  Once solar panels are installed, there is no cost in maintaining or running the solar panels. 

Solar panels can store energy using battery backup.  When the sun isn’t shining, you can still use the energy through a battery backup.  If there is a power outage, you can easily use the stored energy from the solar panels to make your lives more comfortable.

Solar panels are quiet and clean.  Generators are loud and need fuel to run.  With solar panels, there is no pollution from burning fuel or the release of toxins like carbon dioxide into the air.  Solar panels are quiet and have no moving parts.  Solar panels do not contribute to global warming, smog or acid rain.  Solar panels provide a sustainable and renewable source of energy which helps in protecting our environment. 

One of the greatest advantages of solar panels is the money it will save you.  Solar panels can save you up to 80% on your utility bill.  If your solar panels produce more energy than you use, the power company can buy that back from you, allowing you to build credit on your account.  There are government grants provided to save on solar energy costs.  Solar panels do not require any fuel, saving hundreds of dollars a year.  You can also save money by building you own solar panels using solar panel kits with supplies you can find at your local hardware store.  Home Made Energy kits will show you everything you need to know about creating electricity from your very own backyard.   Now you can see that advantages of solar panels and building your own, will save you money and help the environment. 

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Not quite ready to build your own solar panel, but you still want to save the planet and use solar energy to power your home Here is a solar panel kit you can buy online. Check it out below. It is rated 4 1/2 stars!!

solar power kits

DIY Organic Gardening and Farming vs Conventional

Garden Organic

DIY organic gardening and farming is a fulfilling experience.
You provide food for your family that is more healthy and nutritious than the food you buy at the store.  

You may be interested in DIY gardening or even organic gardening which is a eco friendly and chemical-free method of gardening. The conventional way of gardening and organic gardening gardening differ on pest control and how the soil is nourished.  Conventional gardening uses chemical based fertilizers and pesticides while organic gardens use organic ways to enrich the soil and it uses organic fertilizers and weed killers. 

-Organic gardens follow natural practices that include:

Conventional and Organic Pest Control: Pests are attracted to every garden.  They will nibble away at some of the plants and vegetables. Pesticides are popular with conventional DIY gardening.  These pesticides contain chemicals that harm the environment that then gets into the food and plants you are growing.  Through organic gardening there are ways to attract bugs that will eat the pests.  You can also buy these bugs.  These bugs include lady bugs and lacewings. You can also purchase pest control products online such as garlic sprays.  You can also use homemade tomato leaf to repel these pests.

Conventional and Organic Soil:  Soil is essential in creating a successful garden. When natrual substances are added to the soil you will be better able to grow healthy plants and vegetables.  This is done by adding natural additives like manure, mulch and chopped leaves.  You can also add blood meal and fish emulsion to add more nutrients to your soil. There are many products for sale online if you don’t want to make your own. DIY friendly fertilizer for yards, gardening and farming – Click Here.


Garden Tips:  A great way to repel pests, is to plant strong smelling herbs.  Birds and other pest eating insects are attracted to gardens with a variety of plants and herbs.  Diversify your garden.  Weeding your garden by hand everyday will keep the weeds in control.  That may be impossible by the size of your garden.  You can purchase organic weed control products online as well.  DIY Eco friendly fertilizer for yards, gardening and farming – Click Here.

Crop Rotation: Crop rotation for DIY gardening is helpful in maintaining a healthy and rich soil.  Crop Rotation is making sure plants and vegetables are not planted in the same place year after year.  Some plants add nutrients to the soil and others take it away.  So the nutrients left behind from one plant or vegetable will be used to bring nutrients to another plant or vegetable.  You can keep a rotation map of your garden and refer to it when planting your garden year after year. 

Successful DIY gardening will be achieved by understanding where to buy and how to make productive soil.  Also planting the appropriate plants for the particular season and climate you live in. 

DIY Gardening is successful because now we can create a healthy garden that will prove to be more rewarding by providing your family with good and healthy food from your own Garden.  For the DIY gardening guide click here.

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