Sunday, February 25, 2018

DIY Organic Gardening and Farming vs Conventional

Garden Organic

DIY organic gardening and farming is a fulfilling experience.
You provide food for your family that is more healthy and nutritious than the food you buy at the store.  

You may be interested in DIY gardening or even organic gardening which is a eco friendly and chemical-free method of gardening. The conventional way of gardening and organic gardening gardening differ on pest control and how the soil is nourished.  Conventional gardening uses chemical based fertilizers and pesticides while organic gardens use organic ways to enrich the soil and it uses organic fertilizers and weed killers. 

-Organic gardens follow natural practices that include:

Conventional and Organic Pest Control: Pests are attracted to every garden.  They will nibble away at some of the plants and vegetables. Pesticides are popular with conventional DIY gardening.  These pesticides contain chemicals that harm the environment that then gets into the food and plants you are growing.  Through organic gardening there are ways to attract bugs that will eat the pests.  You can also buy these bugs.  These bugs include lady bugs and lacewings. You can also purchase pest control products online such as garlic sprays.  You can also use homemade tomato leaf to repel these pests.

Conventional and Organic Soil:  Soil is essential in creating a successful garden. When natrual substances are added to the soil you will be better able to grow healthy plants and vegetables.  This is done by adding natural additives like manure, mulch and chopped leaves.  You can also add blood meal and fish emulsion to add more nutrients to your soil. There are many products for sale online if you don’t want to make your own. DIY friendly fertilizer for yards, gardening and farming – Click Here.


Garden Tips:  A great way to repel pests, is to plant strong smelling herbs.  Birds and other pest eating insects are attracted to gardens with a variety of plants and herbs.  Diversify your garden.  Weeding your garden by hand everyday will keep the weeds in control.  That may be impossible by the size of your garden.  You can purchase organic weed control products online as well.  DIY Eco friendly fertilizer for yards, gardening and farming – Click Here.

Crop Rotation: Crop rotation for DIY gardening is helpful in maintaining a healthy and rich soil.  Crop Rotation is making sure plants and vegetables are not planted in the same place year after year.  Some plants add nutrients to the soil and others take it away.  So the nutrients left behind from one plant or vegetable will be used to bring nutrients to another plant or vegetable.  You can keep a rotation map of your garden and refer to it when planting your garden year after year. 

Successful DIY gardening will be achieved by understanding where to buy and how to make productive soil.  Also planting the appropriate plants for the particular season and climate you live in. 

DIY Gardening is successful because now we can create a healthy garden that will prove to be more rewarding by providing your family with good and healthy food from your own Garden.  For the DIY gardening guide click here.

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