Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Flexible and Portable Solar Panels 6 Benefits

Portable Flexible Solar Panel
There are many benefits of flexible or rollable solar panels.This article will focus on 6 of these benefits.

1. Solar Power is a Stable Source of Alternative Energy. These panels are powered by the sun’s energy through photovoltaics. While fossil fuel resources are dying, the sun’s energy will be around for a long long time.

2. Portable: Until recently, solar panels have had their limitations. They were big and bulky. Because of the increased desire for people to find better sources of energy for themselves and families, better designs have been created to make solar panels smaller and easier to carry around. These panels can be layed out flat on the ground or roof of your car for power for cell phones and walkie talkies and then easily rolled up to put inside your backpack.

3. Waterproof: When they were first developed, the stability of the solar panels were such that they had to be protected by a special casing which severely limited their capabilities. Now solar cells are being made with technology called thin-film, allowing more opportunities for use. You can conveniently bring a flexible solar panel on your boat and charge items like ipods etc.

4. Variety of Uses: A flexible and portable solar panel can be used in a variety of situations, such as to recharge batteries, charge your cell phone, iPods, etc. Flexible solar panels are now being manufactured inside backpacks and jackets. For the adventurer, this thin-film technology allows you to document your travels more efficiently then ever before. You no longer need to carry many heavy batteries.

5. Durable: Because these rolled panels are an amorphous solid, you can depend on it for durability. But there are no glass parts so they will not break. They are temperature and weather tolerant, making them usable almost everywhere.

6. Can Be Used Almost Anywhere: Flexible solar panels or rolled solar panels can be carried and used practically anywhere, even in the middle of the ocean. Some extreme sea kayakers were able to use this thin-film technology to document their journey. For those of us who aren’t extreme kayakers, hikers etc, we can take this thin-film technology and use it in the same way. If we are simply going camping or heading off to the lake, we can roll it out the flexible solar panels on the ground, boat or roof of our car and power our equipment.

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  1. Joachim Delp says:

    Dear Ladies, dear Sirs,
    we are searching for above mentionned product, to be apllied to re-charge batteries of foldable and non foldable e-bikes.
    Battiers 36 and 24 V.
    Thank you in advance for your kind atteion.

    Best regards
    Joachim Delp

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