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Making Solar Panels At Home-Step By Step Guide

Solar Panel Step By Step
Making solar panels
at home can take is a simple weekend project if you have the correct materials and instructions.  Solar panels can be made for as little as $200.

Making solar panels at home requires the following materials:

solar cells, plastic board or plywood, UV protector to coat the plywood, Flex-Glass, tin wire at two different widths, solder iron or gun, silicone, rosin flux pen, nuts and bolts, and wood or metal to use as a frame, and a junction box.  You will want to use a volt meter to test your solar panel.  (This can be borrowed from an electrician.)  For a fantastic guide with video instructions you can go to Home Made Energy.  For a review of this guide you can go to Home Made Energy Review

  1. In making solar panels at home, first you will need to make a template.  A template will allow all of the cells to be placed evenly apart. You can use 5×5 inch solar cells found on the internet.  Draw a template so that each cell in every row is approximately ¼ inch apart.  You will also want to leave a few inches on the outer edges of the panel for the frame.
  2. Making solar panels at home requires you to cut the plastic board or plywood to the size of panel you want to build.  In many cases these boards can be bought pre-cut.  You will need to figure out the size to cut the board or plywood. Let’s say you will need 100 watts of power, you will need a panel with 50 cells. If you are using plywood, then you will want to protect it with a coat of UV Guard.  You can have 5 rows of 10 cells in each row.
  3. Making solar panels at home can be easier if you use coated tabbing wire: Now cut the wire the same length of two cells plus ¼ inch.  If you were using 5×5 inch cells, cut the length 10 ¼ inches long.  Cut two pieces of wire for each cell.  You will be soldering half of the wire to the negative side of one cell and the other half of the wire to the positive side of the next cell.  If you did not purchase coated wire you will need to put solder on the wires or on the tabs of each cell before soldering the wires to the cells.
  4. Use the flux pen and solder gun in making solar panels at home.   Each cell will have two tabs on the positive side and two tabs on the negative side. Run the flux pen along the tabs of a cell (negative side or blue side) this is where you are going to attach the tabbing wire.  Solder the wire to the cell on the tabs.  Solder a second wire along the second tab.  Repeat this step with all the cells.
  5. Attach all the cells in rows.  Now turn the cells over and solder the extra wire to the other side (positive side) of the next cells making 5 rows of 10 cells (if you are using 50 cell panels). The negative side of cell #1 will attach to the positive side of cell #2 making sure that each cell is ¼ inch apart in each row.
  6. Now attach the rows using heavier wire:  You are going to use the thicker wire to attach all the cells together at the ends.  You will be connecting these wires in a series, meaning negative to positive through the panel connecting each row.
  7. Test the panel using the volt meter:  Attach the volt meter to the wires on the cells making sure the panel is working properly.
  8. Use the Silicone to secure the rows of cells to the panel.
  9. Put wires through the junction box:  There will be two wires left from attaching the all the wires in a series:  a positive wire and a negative wire that you will solder to a positive and negative electrical wire.  Pull through the back of the panel.  Attach a junction box to the back of the panel using silicone.
  10. You are almost finished! making a solar panel at home.  Now you need to frame it.  You can use a wood border as a frame if you are using plywood or a metal c frame for the frame if you are using a plastic board.  Use silicone to attach the backing and then use nuts and bolt to keep it tight. Use several nuts and bolts to attach the c metal frame to the panel.

The best way I have found in making solar panels at home is with the step by step video guide at  Home Made Energy.  You can read the Home Made Energy Review to see our opinion of Home Made Energy.

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    WOW! I’m glad I found this website… I’m in the process of trying to make my home more energy efficient and I had a guy tell me that he can get me solar panels for my home for $3000.

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