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Advantages of Solar Panels

Solar Panel Step By StepThere are many advantages of solar panels.  While our energy resources like fossil fuels are beginning to run low, the energy provided by the sun will be there well into the future. When fossil fuels are gone, they are gone.  The earth does not replenish these types of energy.   It is becoming more and more essential for us to find alternative sources of energy for our everyday use. 

One of the advantages of solar panels is that they can be used anywhere.  In many areas of the world there is no access to power or gas grids for electricity. It is costly and in some cases impossible to tap into those power and gas grids.  Solar panels will enable you to bring power where there isn’t any electricity available.   So whether you own a vacation home in the mountains or want to help people in remote villages in a third world country, you can bring power to where you are using the advantages of solar panels.  There are kits you can purchase where you can build them right on sight.

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Other advantages of solar panels include the little amount of modifications needed for your home.  Solar panels can be mounted on your roof top or placed in the yard.  You can purchase solar panel kits to effectively fit your needs.  You can build them to grow with your families’ energy use.  They don’t require any fuel to run them.  Once solar panels are installed, there is no cost in maintaining or running the solar panels. 

Solar panels can store energy using battery backup.  When the sun isn’t shining, you can still use the energy through a battery backup.  If there is a power outage, you can easily use the stored energy from the solar panels to make your lives more comfortable.

Solar panels are quiet and clean.  Generators are loud and need fuel to run.  With solar panels, there is no pollution from burning fuel or the release of toxins like carbon dioxide into the air.  Solar panels are quiet and have no moving parts.  Solar panels do not contribute to global warming, smog or acid rain.  Solar panels provide a sustainable and renewable source of energy which helps in protecting our environment. 

One of the greatest advantages of solar panels is the money it will save you.  Solar panels can save you up to 80% on your utility bill.  If your solar panels produce more energy than you use, the power company can buy that back from you, allowing you to build credit on your account.  There are government grants provided to save on solar energy costs.  Solar panels do not require any fuel, saving hundreds of dollars a year.  You can also save money by building you own solar panels using solar panel kits with supplies you can find at your local hardware store.  Home Made Energy kits will show you everything you need to know about creating electricity from your very own backyard.   Now you can see that advantages of solar panels and building your own, will save you money and help the environment. 

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Not quite ready to build your own solar panel, but you still want to save the planet and use solar energy to power your home Here is a solar panel kit you can buy online. Check it out below. It is rated 4 1/2 stars!!

solar power kits

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  1. My parent live in Nepal in a remote village called Gorkha, where there is no electricity, so I installed diesel electric generator to provide electricity for lights and radio however it is so noisy and required a lots of maintenance. Which were no help to my parent who are not DIY enthusiastic where they needed help with maintening the generator and the diel fuel is so expensive. It was becoming a bit of a problem, so I thought of installing solar panels,it took time for me to purchase them as they were expensive, for one unit it was quoted at £300 so I decided to go for four units at cost of £1000. It does not stop there, needed to transport them to Nepal, another £400 top of that, for installation cost the fee was quoted at £150 since the labour is cheaper in Nepal but with this guide building your own solar panels help me to reduce the labour charge as I was able to do most of it. Overall it costed me £1800 compare to cost of £500 for diesel generater. I have never looked back since and they are a joy!! They are quiet, efficient, cleaner and require less maintenance as I am able to the most of the mainteneance thanks to the guide on making your own solar panel!

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